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Maria Susana Paponi

The multiple future of subjectivity

Monday, November 17th 2014
8:00 pm - 09:30 pm

Maria Susana Paponi is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Comahue, in north Argentinian Patagonia. She will present a hybrid conference combining two processes.

On one hand, she will follow the outline of a questioning willing to go over and put into question the issue of subjectification (and through this issue, the one of subjectivity) and its multiple future. The guiding principle of the conference will be : can an excess, an outside, a torsion, a performance can be named and characterized in order to seize something else than what is constructed in the game between rebel and obedient bodies, between nomadic and still identities ?

On the other hand, the conference will present an enunciative performance with the "AVATARES" radio program which, as part of a Filosofia-Arte cycle of discussions, experienced and questioned a series of interactions between communities and video-artistic, cinematographic and poetic practices from North Patagonia.

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