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Isadora Olivé

The effect of watching a danse performance on the representation of the self

Monday, May 18th
7:30 - 9:00

Location to be announced

The subject of the relationship of the Self and aesthetic experience is central to art history and aesthetics, being particularly relevant to spectatorship theories. The influences are bidirectional, the Self projects its needs upon the art object, and the art object collaborates to the construction of the Self. Most recently, empirical evidence starts to emerge evaluating the relationship of the Self and aesthetic experience. More specifically, the cognitive neurosciences start to investigate this relationship on the framework of activities of the field of research in neuroaesthetics.

In this conference we will approach theoretical and methodological questions associated with the naturalization by cognitive neurosciences of the question of the relationship of the Self and aesthetic experience, focusing on spectatorship theories. We will select the dance performance as our working object. We aim to demonstrate how dance viewing corresponds to a motor experience extremely similar to the one experienced by the dancer him/herself.

In agreement with the Ricoeurian vision of the Self, which postulates that the Self is a function of time, being permanently updated by experience, we will speculate on the potential ways through which art appreciation, and specifically dance viewing, updates the neuronal and cognitive representations of the Self.


Photo credit : Cie Retouramont, Rafales d’art, Le Bateau Feu, Croytaque

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