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Naldini & Pasolini in Vincennes: revival of a scandal

5-6 December 2014

University Paris 8
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93200 Saint-Denis

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On December 6th, 1974, the film Fascista by Nico Naldini is projected at the University of Vincennces. Pier Paolo Pasolini was there, with the film director who is also his cousin. Both of them were invited by Maroa-Antonietta Macciocchi, who held a seminar entitled "Analysis of fascism, from its origins until today" in 1974-1975.

Fascista is an edited film based on fascist propaganda movies of the Insitute Luce, commented by Giorgio Bassani. The film started the session and provoked a scandal which scale is today hard to determine. A scandal which was fueled by the presence of Pasolini, polemicist "unorthodox" and "corsair".

The 40th anniversary 6/12 FASCISTA proposes to think this event by analyzing the reasons of this scandal, undoubtedly amplified by the presence of Pier Paolo Pasolini. It will also enable to think of other contemporary edited films (La Rabbia, All’armi siam fascisti).

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