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A dive into the collections of the Eye Filmmuseum

Journées d’études
20 et 21 dec. 2018

This two-day workshop will bring together researchers and people from the archives of different nationalities, in order to explore and comment on the film and non-film collections related to Italian silent cinema, held at the Eye Filmmuseum. These discussions will explore the close relationship that Italian cinema has with other arts. We will work on a corpus of films selected by researchers and the Eye, but also on advertising material that will highlight the richness and inventiveness of the decorative arts and graphics of this period, as well as the international influence this cinema has experienced. The goal is to rediscover this cinema, through a confrontation with several disciplinary fields with which it dialogues, including painting, sculpture, music, opera, theatre, dance, photography, and literature. This workshop will also serve as a basis to open research tracks on e.g. the Film d’Arte Italiana and Italian comedians, as a prologue of a symposium to be held in Paris in December 2019. The exchanges will be animated by a sincere endeavour to decompartmentalize and will emphasize aesthetic questions, offering a renewal on the entire period studied.

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