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Anne-Violaine Houcke

2014 post-doctoral contract
Doctoral school : Esthétique, sciences et technologies des arts

Projects : Pédagogie de la critique, critique de la pégagogie — Traverser Bazin

Anne-Violaine Houcke holds a doctorate in Cinema and Audiovisual Studies from the University Paris Ouest, co-directed by Laurence Schifano and Jean-Loup Bourget. She is currently ATER in Cinema Studies at the University Paris Ouest and a member of the research team HAR of the University Paris Ouest.

Anne-Violance Houcke’s post-doctoral research, linked to two projects of the Labex Arts-H2H, will aim at pointing out convergences between four projects dealing with criticism : Pédagogie de la critique, critique de la pédagogie ; Traverser Bazin ; La critique d’art en question et La critique comme création. This post-doctorate project will allow projects to become closer, and will develop a common questioning on issues related to criticism, in the prospect of structuring a coherent and interdisciplinary project.

Anne-Violaine proposes a post-doctoral research subject on Pier Paolo Pasolini’s critical activity, particularly his writings on cinema and painting. This work, brought out by a seminar and several conferences, will open an approach for research on a field that is still inexplored in Pasolinian studies. The ambition of this subject is to consider criticism through Pasolini, which will be a great asset the convergence of projects dealing with criticism.

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