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Call for papers - malaise in representation

Call for papers - Hybrid journal #4
Contact and submissions: artsh2h@univ-paris8.fr

This fourth issue of the online journal HYBRID aims at questioning how a major and possibly unseen crisis is emerging/rising in the field of representation, as understood both as a way to apprehend the world, as a model for illustrated figuration/portrayal and as a condition to conceptualize the relation between the human and his environment. Betting on reinstating a term just as misused as criticized, this issue considers “representation” with its multiple meanings, including political1 ones, and sets as an objective to chart its ideological and aesthetic issues by calling for papers from numerous disciplinary backgrounds, in order to highlight the political, social, cultural and artistic impact of this word in our time.

Every article submitted to Hybrid undergoes a double-blind assessment.

Every article shall be submitted in the strictest anonymity.

Every article shall be written in either French or English.

The author shall attach a short bio-bibliography (max. 10 lines) in a separate document.

The article shall not exceed 35,000 characters including spaces.

All articles shall be submitted in Word format (.doc or .docx). Images shall be presented both inserted into the text and in a separate file. Every copy of an existing work shall be clearly identified.

Concerning the research-creation proposals, which can be submitted in non-textual formats, i.e. sound files, film files, etc., we will be unable to ensure their hosting and maintenance. Therefore, the author shall submit a hyperlink to their work available for consultation and/or download. Authors shall also include an introduction to their project (max. 5,000 characters).

> Start of the call for proposals: March 1st, 2016
> Reception of the complete articles (max. 35,000 characters including spaces) and research-creation proposals: until July 15th, 2016 at artsh2h@univ-paris8.fr.
> Release on June 2017

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