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Interdisciplinary approach for real/virtual lighting design


December 17, 2015

University Paris 8
Amphithéâtre B106
2 rue de la Liberté
93256 Saint-Denis

Metro: Saint-Denis Université (line 13)

Working on the aesthetic aspect of light through various visual art practices comes to meet one approach: when an author wants to convey an emotion visually, to support a position and share with the spectator a realistic or dreamlike feeling. Thus in a film or on stage, virtual or real, the art of light is entrusted to a "light specialist" who is able to develop the effect, the light atmosphere that reflects the emotional intention the best.

While considering this artistic convergence, this workshop aims to explore all the methodologies related to lighting design through different artistic fields. The idea is to address technical and aesthetic aspects as well as language and terminology, but also team reports, tips and tricks, and the tendency to play with the realism of light.

This day will be a place for encounters, discussions between specialized researchers and professionals, directors of photography, lighters (3D computer graphic designers specialized in lighting), lighting designers, showing their methods from case studies.

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