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Archives in 3D

Project leaders: Gérard Uzan, Annick Pegeon

Collaborators: Johanna Bodard, Godefroy Clair

Archives, 3D, haptic, accessibility for all, virtual museum

In partnership with:
Archives Nationales
Laboratory THIM-CHART, EA 4004

In collaboration with:
Musée du Louvre
Musée du quai Branly

This project deals with categorization, selection and 3D digitization of medieval seals chosen for their haptic, symbolic and educational possibilities. Beginning in 2012, the research will follow in 2013 and 2014 and will allow to increase the number of digitized seals and to expand the audience beyond visually impaired persons.This project will also aim at exploring these data in networks (in archive centers, at school, in associations, at home, abroad, etc.).

These works pave the way for real-time and remote manipulations of digitized 3D objects. The dynamic and interactive dimensions of discovery processes are emphasized by the control of the gesture towards a specific area of the object, the possibility to erase, highlight certain elements or temporarily deform them.

The project will organize communications, seminars and release publications in the fields of history, ergonomics and IT. The possibility to extend these exploration methods to other patrimonial objects is also considered.

> Listening: interview with Gérard Uzan, project co-leader

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