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Atau Tanaka

Researcher invited in 2015


Atau Tanaka was born in Japan in 1963, he lived in the United-States and studied at Harvard University, in the Peabody Consevatory and at the CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics) of the University of Stanford. In 1992, he obtained a residence at the Cité des arts and worked at the educational department of the IRCAM. He was also an artist in residence and artistic co-director at the STEIM, the V2 and "artistic ambassador" for Apple Europe as part of his research in interactive music. In 1997, he settles in Tokyo, as invited by NTT/ICC (Inter Communication Center). He received many prizes and was supported by GMD/Fraunhofer Society and the Fondation Daniel Langlois for his musical installation in network.

Atau Tanaka’s work is about instruments with sensors, installations and sound performances in network. From 1990, he took in the Biomuse technique, based on a system of electromyogram sensors enabling to transform the body in a true multimedia instrument. He was researcher at the laboratory Sony CSL Paris and director of the Culture Lab at the University of Newcastle. Atau Tanaka is currently professor at the Goldsmiths University of London.

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