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Bastavamo a far ridere le mosche / On faisait rire les mouches

By Sergio Longobardi

Translated by the group La Langue du bourricot, coordinated par Céline Frigau Manning

Presses Universitaires du Mirail

N° ISBN : 978-2-8107-0280-0
56 p.

5.00 €

Laboratoire d’études romanes - EA 4385 (Paris 8)
Transferts critiques et dynamique des savoirs- EA 1569 (Paris 8)

This play, written by Sergio Longobardi, was translated in 2012-2013 by a group of translation students specialized in theater called La langue du bourricot. These students come from the workshop Traduire le théâtre (Translating theater) of the Master in Translation T3L at University Paris 8, from the Department of Theater (licence or master degree) and other courses.

MOI was a clown in Naples. Because a president was taking off all dignity from his work, he finds himself exiled in Paris, sleeping in a sloping bed. Between artistic dreams and everyday difficulties, MOI engages in inner dialogue with his father. Then voices arise – voice-over, with a microphone, on screen – as an echo to the tension between a father with multiple jobs, proud to be out of the working class, and a his son determined to work as an actor despite the difficulties involved.


This is the opportunity for him to question his identity as a man of theater and as a man. Through secrets, pieces of memories and weather forecasts, stories and languages mingle with Bouddha’s music, a violinist cat. Spoken images of the father contrast with the tensions deeply rooted in dramatic writing.

Between self-writing and documentary theater, On faisait rire les mouches is a text of resistance, a eulogy of art as art of doing, combining nostalgia, love and anger. It refuses productivist injunctions and the prevailing materialism, to hide away these worlds, release time, open space and create.


On faisait rire les mouches currently plays at Les Déchargeurs Theater, every Wednesday from January 8th to April 16th 2014.
A meeting with the actors and the translators will take place on Wednesday 15th of January.

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