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Behaviors: strategies and aesthetics of behaviors between art, science and design

Project leader:
Emanuele Quinz

In collaboration with:
Zentrum Für Kunst und Medientechnologien, Karlsruhe

The research project Behaviors questions the notion of behavior, as a more and more essential notion in contemporary artistic creation. But more than situating this notion on the side of the living (as it should be), our project undertakes the analysis of this dimension for artworks, objects, devices or environments: how do we understand, theorize, experiment and design artworks that include a behavioral dimension, in other words a dimension with action and reaction faculties (especially "physical" ones), related to their environment and their public?

Developing an original research-creation approach, this project follows 4 main lines: historical and theoretical research ; the design and production of 2 prototypes ; prospective scientific experimentation in the field of cognitive ergonomics. The last main line will be artistic experimentation: several conferences entitled DEMO which will be organized as "workshops", as well as practical tests where objects and devices will be experimented.

The project Behaviors is built on a pluridisciplinary combination. By involving researchers from the fields of arts and art science, design, sociology, engineering (robotics, mechanics and computer science) and cognitive science, our research aims at developing pluridisciplinary knowledge on the subject. A theoretical but also practical knowledge, allowing to explain methods, processes, protocols, technics to create this kind of artifacts in the field of art and design.

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