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Bidhan Jacobs

2016 PhD contract

Project : Flou/net

Bidhan Jacobs holds a PhD in Cinema and Audiovisual Studies from the University Paris 3, directed by Nicole Brenez, to be published in 2017 at the Presses Universitaires du Septentrion and entitled "Esthétique du signal". Specialized in relations between technology, ideology and aesthetics, he is co-editor with Nicole Brenez of the collective book "Le cinéma critique. De l’argentique au numérique, voies et formes de l’objection visuelle" (Publications de la Sorbonne, 2010) and collaborated to La Furia Umana, Débordements, Turbulences vidéo. He currently teacher at Paris Est and Paris 3.

Bidhan Jacobs’ post-doctoral contract appears as a development of the "Flou/Net" project. It aims to think the relations, passages and transfers between scientific, industrial and artistic research of the 2000s, from the specific angle of relations between aesthetics of images and optical science. This work will apply comparative analyses of optical experiments led within fundamental and applied research for scientific imaging, by manufacturers for the construction of closed or open-source cameras and optics, or by moviemakers and plastic artists creating their own devices. Scientists, industries and artists seem to join forces to expand our ability to investigate reality through optics science.

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