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Cambodia, the memory workshop

Exhibition of artworks by Vann Nath, Séra and emerging Cambodian artists

April 10-May 4, 2013

Locations :
Columbia Maison française
The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies

Exhibition curated by Soko Phay-Vakalis
and Pierre Bayard

In collaboration with :
Centre Bophana
Columbia University
Art Absolument

Partnering with the Season of Cambodia festival in New York, and in connection with the conference on Creation and Postmemory, there was an art exhibition at Columbia University, devoted to three generations of Cambodian artists.

This exhibition has featured seventy works of visual arts (paintings, drawings, photographs) made by the great contemporary artists Vann Nath and Séra (both survivors of the genocide), as well as works by emerging artists who were invited to create artworks evoking the genocide during three “memory workshops” held at Bophana Center between 2008 and 2012.

The diversity and the polysemy of their artworks testify also to the passage from I to we, from an intimate way of living and thinking to a collective consciousness.

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