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Mapping the memory

International symposium

12-13 January 2016

Royal University of Fine Arts
Bophana Center
Phnom Penh

Following the symposium "Images of Cambodia: myths, history and memory" organized at the Archives Nationales in Paris in April 2015, and academic discussions between the University Paris 8 and Cambodian institutions, the events of Phnom Peng, Battabang and Siem Reap aim to think repressed history and its consequences in a historical, anthropological and aesthetic prospect.

The symposium aims to analyze the issues of a repressed History, but also to understand today’s collective memory processes and the way cultural and social transmissions of a collective trauma related to the tragedies of History are carried out. Several research lines are chosen: the role of images and archives in the historical understanding of the past; the memory of places and territories; the emerging artistic scene and especially the ways to seize a haunting past.

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