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Project leader:
Dominique Boutet

In collaboration with:
Arts Résonances (association),
Company SolidAnim,
Laboratoire d’Analyse du Mouvement Groupe de recherche sur la LSQ et le bilinguisme sourd

Based on new technologies, the project CIGALE proposes to create an artistic device that questions possible hybridizations between humans and the virtual. The device will enable linguistic and artistic experiments, complementary therefore transdisciplinary. A real platform for non-verbal gestures and symbolic interactions, this robust and affordable device should be able to provide generated gestures whose parameters can be defined and a possible interaction with a real person.

All the data from the real gestures database and the virtual gestures databe will be placed in a "resources center" along with interactions corpus that were filmed during creation sessions (video and digital data). This data will be available to the public.


Conferences and symposiums will be opportunities to present the results of this research, with the objective of having some works published. This device of fundamentally intimist interactions will be presented in festivals, professional exhibitions and digital events. During those events, interactions will be captured and — according to the actor’s permission —, might be the subject of scientific research, limited or broader diffusion.

Performances and installations developed during the project could be released for promotion purposes in artistic, scientific and cultural events or places such as: Futur en Seine, Laval Virtual, ACM Siggraph Art Gallery, Bains numériques, Ars Electronica, Semaine des Arts Paris 8, Le Cube, La Gaîté Lyrique, Le 104.


The device might be used in a didactic way (Conservatoire, Louis Lumière) as well as in technology transfer for multimedia productions. Revealing the heuristic aspect of such a device is one of the strong scientific aims of the project.


>Visit the project’s website: http://cigale.labex-arts-h2h.fr/

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