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Cinema/video, art and politics in France since 1968

Project leader:
Hélène Fleckinger

In collaboration with:
Centre Georges Chevrier
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 (IRCAV) ;
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (HICSA/CERHEC)

Through a limited corpus of political and social movies, filmed in France since 1968 on various formats (analog and digital video), the project aims at encouraging common work between a team of researchers and patrimonial institutions, in order to open an area of research still not really approached in the history and aesthetics of "cine-systems". We also aim at setting up a methodology questioning and including digital technologies in a prospect of research, preservation and transmission.

We will create a collaborative working protocol combining an inventory of cinema and video collections on the chosen subject, and a report on available documentation. This will enable the evolution of already existing digital ressources and catalogs, and an approach of exploration that intends to gather artists’ work and archives and responds to the urgent necessity of protecting fragile documents.

This project will also test digital annotation tools on audiovisual films and archives, in order to index and analyze the documents. Finally, the project will promote both exhumed work/archives and ongoing research, thanks to scientific events (seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc.), publications and web-documentaries.

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