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Conduit d’aération

Authors : Lucile Haute, Alexandra Saemmer, Aurélie Herbet, Julien Pénasse.
Developer : Tomek Jarolim
Writing coordinator : Odile Farge

Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Paris)
Paragraphe - EA 349 (Paris 8)

Conduit d’aération is a non-linear narrative fiction presented as an augmented novel for digital formats (iPad and epub application) as well as an installation-performance.
How does a narrative fi ction can be explored, read and listened to — “as it is not linear” — without taking on a fragmented, non-coherent, convoluted esthetics ?

The narrative is carried by four of the protagonists : Sonia, Marie, Lia, the critic, suggest several points of view, without actually solving the mystery. On September 15th, 2011, the body of a young man is found inside the air duct of a bank’s head office. The police report mentions that the man died from traumatic asphyxia. Who was that man ? How and why did he fall into this trap ? Attempted robbery, vendetta, outbreak of madness… All interpretations differ. After several days of investigation, the case was closed.

Let’s suppose that Mohamed Ahardana is Tunisian, that he came to study in France and that he makes friends very quickly. Let’s suppose that he finds a sister, that he falls in love. Let’s suppose that he lives the Tunisian revolution by proxy. Then, let’s
suppose that history catches up with him.

Conduit d’Aération - démo iPad from Lucile Haute on Vimeo.

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