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Contemporary Russian cinema in France

Invisibility, strategies, expectations


May 5th 2014

9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Institut national d’histoire de l’art
Salle Vasari
2 rue Vivienne
75002 Paris
Librairie l’Oeil écoute
77 boulevard du Montparnasse
75006 Paris

This meeting will let professionals and scholars working on contemporary Russian cinema speak, in order to build a common reflection on issues related to the diffusion and distribution of Russian movies in France.

What release strategies are used? Which movies are selected and which ones are left aside, what visibility strategies are adopted? What evolution can we observe over time?

At the end of this meeting, the book "Le cinéma russe, de la perestroïka à nos jours", edited by Marion Poirson-Dechonne, will be presented at the bookshop l’Oeil écoute with Marion Poirson-Dechonne, Joël Chapron, Kristian Feigelson, Eugénie Zvonkine.

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