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Bodies on stage : acting confronted by technology


June 3-5, 2015

University Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3
Rooms D-02 and D-03
13, rue de Santeuil
75005 Paris

Metro : Censier-Daubenton (line 7)

Over the last twenty years, new technologies have had a profound influence on the theatrical stage, and on acting. Today, the flesh-and-blood body often rubs shoulders with synthetic or hybrid bodies, creating mixed corporalities – “half flesh, half calculus” (Couchot), whose balance varies according to aesthetic choices made by the artists – producers, directors, actors.

What happens to the actor in this confrontation with a transformed stage? What acting techniques are imposed upon the performers by these new staging modalities? How do the new aesthetics that derive from these mutations combine the juxtaposition of the flesh and the virtual? In this context, how is the presence of the performer deployed? How can he direct his energy? His relationship with voice? With space? With time? With movement?

This event will focus exclusively on these questions, and, more particularly, on forms of interaction between the actor and technologies on the stage, in all the forms that the latter may take (projection screens, cameras, amplification of image and sound, sensors) in order to show how these interventions overturn the theories of acting formerly privileged.

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