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Criticism practices: video recording

European workshop of multidisciplinary criticism

As part of the Chantiers d’Europe 2015, 12-14 June 2015

Cité internationale universitaire, Paris

Creation is resourceful and criticism is beside itself. Both align themselves with a common thought, but without speaking the same language. Plays, performances or devices, the contemporary scene offers the spectators intangible objects rebellious to any definition. Whether they claim to come from a reknown field (theater, dance, opera, circus, puppetry) or are based on a genre hybridization, performances cross European boundaries to meet with spectators, who do not necessarily share the same keys for understanding. Nevertheless, criticisms must provide tools that allow to seize the meaning of these keys: a difficult task at a time when great theoretical models are not in a very good shape.

L’héritage critique du "living theater" en Europe : Lucien Attoun, Marie-Ange Rauch, Sophie Proust, Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau, Alex Nowaki and Gerzegorz Laszuk (Communa Warszawa).


Les enjeux européens de la critique : Emmanuel Wallon, Laure Adler, Chantal Boiron, Tiago Bartolomeu Costa.


Shakespeare sans frontières : Catherine Treilhou-Balaudé, Jorge Andrade, Pascal Collin.


La mise en texte de l’expérience scénique : Jean-Pierre Léonardini, Diane Scott, Jean-Paul Manganaro.


Le regard des témoins : David Lescot, René Solis, Fanny Bouquerel, Irène Filiberti, Tiphaine Karsenti, Erica Magris.


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