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Critique <=> Creation

A train of thoughts going through arts / works that initiate critique

International symposium
December 10-12, 2015 in Paris

Théâtre des Abbesses
Institut national d’histoire de l’art

Critique is deeply related to artistic creation. Far from being just a binary relation between theory and practice – one dominating the other or giving in to it – their relation has an effect on how we elaborate and appreciate artworks, that is to say on how to think art.

Nowadays, the question is to know if the apology of creation – in which cultural policies, journalistic columns and scholar productions took part in the last decades – contributed to weaken the critique’s level of requirement.

And yet in their work as well as their methods and speech, many contemporary artists consider themselves as part of a critical school of thought fed by history, philosophy and social sciences. If the critique has an effect on creation, creation has a critical impact.

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