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Crossed listening

Documentary, 2015, 35’

Director : Peterson Almeida

In collaboration with :
Art&Fact, Centre des Monuments Nationaux, laboratory Lutherie Acoustique Musique (Institut Jean Le Rond d’Alembert, UPMC, CNRS), laboratory Technologies, Handicaps, Interfaces et Multimodalités, with the support of the SACEM.

The crossed listenings were presented by Pascale Criton as part of her chair within the Labex in 2013, and took place on March 21-22, 2014 at the Conciergerie de Paris. A visit of the monument combined with listening experiences invited the public to discover the Conciergerie from an acoustics point of view : installations, music, readings, broadcasts, modified atmospheres, situations for blind people punctuated the visitor’s path with the Dedalus ensemble and several students from the University Paris 8.

What subjectivation forms – individual and collective – are at stake when elaborating the visit of a historic site ? What are the relations to time, contents and places that make it singular ? The listening experiences question spaces, listening forms, sensory intermodality. From hearing to touching, the plural experience of the site’s spatiality awakens the visitor.

© Peterson Almeida, Rachel Van De Meerssche, Jean-Marc Chouvel
Visit / Installation : Pascale Criton Music by Pascale Criton & James Tenney played by Dedalus ensemble. Electroacoustic creations by Ariadna Alsina, Kumiko Iseki, Namur Matos Rocha.

How can we hear the plurality of a sound event ? Nowadays, writing multiple space-times is made possible thanks to hardware and software tools that enable us to redefine our way of thinking sound spaces. Mobile and mixed listenings, sonotactile devices, headset reception, pre-recorded or live modified diffusions renew the modalities of sound perception and reception.

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