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Dans quelle vie tu monde(s)?

Project leaders:
Olivier Goetz and Anne Oster-Lioger

In collaboration with:
Collège des Bernardins
Université de Lorraine
Institut Confucius (Metz)
Maison des arts à Pékin

The artistic and cultural program Dans quelle vie tu monde(s)? was launched in 2013 to start a French-Chinese dialogue on art and environment. It echoes the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China’s recognition by France. It also falls within the 2014 National Week of Sustainable Development in France.

This cultural, artistic and friendly meeting between France and China invites contemporary theoricians and young creators, institutions and audiences, companies and associates from both countries, to think about the issues of sustainable development and produce new worlds. Questions will be raised on environment, solidarity, ecofeminism, ethics, utopia, illusion, fantasy, new worlds to build...

Photo credit: "Facebook", Guest Collective, ShanghArt’ Gallery courtesy

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