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Developing co-existence in contemporary performative arts

International symposium

June 16-17-18, 2016

CNDC Angers
17 rue de la Tannerie
49101 Angers

Community constitutes, or have constituted for a long time, a "fetish" of dance and theater (Rebentisch). It also represents a key notion of modernity which developed alongside the questions on the subject’s identity, the desired unity of one referring to the other’s. The 20th century showed the dangers of these identities, and led many philosophers to come back to them and develop ideas on the "common", or co-existence: which we can define with Jean-Luc Nancy as a common meaning movement.

To what extent can arts – which went along or preceded the questioning of the representation of identities – constitute a prelude to such meaning movements? Current works often take into account the questioning of relational aesthetics (Bourriaud), seek to go further the hermeneutics/performative dichotomy anf promote more complex relations to spectators or to present shows with a more complex relation to meaning.

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