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Project leader: Pierre Châtel-Innocenti

Scientific direction: Alain Berthoz, Khaldoun Zreik, François GarnierRetour ligne automatique
Authors & artistic direction : Claire Sistach et Soizic Sanson

In collaboration with :
Galerie H+
Association Eunice VSG
Reticular Art Center
Collège de France

DualCorps is an expertimental project combining digital art, performance and research-action. At the heart of the project will be developed an art-science research about cyber-twinship, about the influence of data in creating digital identities and how they are represented. From an immersive performance will rise the DualCorps and several interactive installations that will expand our research.

Labex Arts-H2H

The Laboratory of Excellence in Arts and Human Mediations is part of the “Investments for the future” program since 2011. As part of this program, its members conduct research following three main lines: situations, technologies, hybridization.

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