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Duetto / Duo

By Antonio Moresco

Translated by La Langue du bourricot, edited by Céline Frigau Manning

Presses Universitaires du Mirail

N° ISBN : 978-2-8107-0417-0
90 p.

7 €

"This was just a meal". Maria Callas swallows a tapeworm and, under the flashlights, suddenly loses weight. Born in a pig’s faeces, imprisoned in the wet bag of the stomach, the creature lives in the entrails of the opera singer and vibrates at every of her arias. A body in another body, a voice in another voice – in the course of their monologues, Callas and taenia split and transform in an intoxicated singing. The duet turns into a duel.

Seizing the legend that always lingered on the Greek diva, Antonio Moresco embarasses the icon to create a dark and baroque score. Between cosmic lyrism and triviality, between shit and light, Duetto presents the performance of a destructive symbiosis that combines organic and material, and probes the origins of existence and creation.

Milanese by adoption, originally from Mantoue, Antonio Moresco is one of the main Italian writers of the last decades. Schooled at the seminary, he campaigned on the extra-parliamentary left-side durin the Years of Lead. He devoted himself to writing at the end of the 1970s but the publishing house Bollati Boringhieri decided to publish his first novel, Clandestinità, only in 1993. Incandescent writer, unclassifiable, Antonio Moresco wrote a romanesque trilogy, L’increato, composed of Gli esordi (1998), Canti del caos (2001-2003), and Gli increati (2015). He wrote six plays, La santa (2000) and five other plays gathered in Merda e luce (2007). Duo is the first play to be translated in French.

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