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Emergence of video art in Europe: historiography, theory, sources and archives (1960-1980)

Project leader: Grégoire Quenault

In collaboration with:
University Paris IV, Labex EHNE
ECAL, Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne
École européenne supérieure de l’image

To this day, there is no history of video art on a European scale and our research program proposes to fill this gap. First by collecting data about artists, artworks and events that enabled this new art practice to emerge in the 1960s, or that mattered in the following years in the development of video art in Europe, but also by bringing to light specific diffusion and production national conditions.

This program relies on the most recent historiographic work led in some Western Europeean countries. As this indexation needs to be carried on with in many other regions, a network of the best national and international specialists, researchers, depositaries of archival material, artists is being formed. The purpose is straightaway transnational.

Establishing a cartography of archival material and local historiographic approaches will progressively enable us to compare chronologies, artworks, contexts and speeches and develop a more global vision that show both similarities and specificities of national productions as well as the circulation of artists, artworks and techniques, for instance through festivals archives.

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