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A lexicon for illusion techniques


Thursday, April 7, 2016

ENS Louis-Lumière, Cité du Cinéma
Salle des Conseils
20 rue Ampère
93213 Saint-Denis

Metro: Carrefour Pleyel (line 13)

"Deceptive arts. Machines, Magic, Media" proposes to analyze technologies of the performing arts in Europe and North America. In the vast overview of technologies offered by several centuries of technique history, the project focuses on sound and image devices aiming at unsettling the spectactor’s perception.

As part of this project, a bilingual semantic lexicon is currently being elaborated to offer researchers a tool for experimental and collaborative thinking, limited in a first phase, to visual and cinematographic illusion techniques. This lexicon for illusion techniques is composed of definitions determined by practical and theoretical uses and their evolution throughout history.

Free admission subjected to availability.

Registration is mandatory to enter the Cité du Cinéma. Please send an email to invitation@ens-louis-lumiere.fr before April 5.


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