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Heritage and digital humanities

Edited by Bernadette Saou-Dufrêne

LIT Verlag Editions

440 pages

ISBN: 978-3-643-90487-4

34,90 euros

The symposium, Heritage and digital humanities, which was organized together with the French national archives and the Bibliothèque nationale de France on the occasion of the inauguration of the university’s master’s degree for "Cultural mediation, heritage and digital technologies" was the first occasion to look for potential links between an emerging discipline in quest of its identity, digital humanities, and concepts of heritage which have undergone renewal and been democratized through technical, social and political changes.

How may digital humanities, conceived not just as the application of information technology to historic disciplines, especially museum studies, but as a critical perspective of new presentations of heritage, illuminate concepts such as that of "digital heritage"? How can digital humanities allow us to explore practices that are spreading through heritage institutions from documentary mediation and the constitution of corpuses to the use of enhanced reality?

? How can they explain the rise of heritage communities and analyze the forms of emergence of these new public groups? How can we describe the implementation of a digital economy and demonstrate its stakes? Are heritage institutions destined to become major actors in the world of cultural information?

This book brings together contributions from professionals at heritage institutions (libraries, museums, archives), as well as from academics of different specialties (history, history of art, and information and communication sciences).

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