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La Grande Collection


Edited by Claire Larsonneur, Arnaud Regnauld, Pierre Cassou-Noguez and Sara Touiza

1. Politics of the Self
- N.K. Hayles, The Cognitive Nonconscious and Automated Trading Algorithms
- B. Stiegler, From Psychopower to Neuropower
- L.H. Liu, The Probability of Sense in the Hypermnesiac Machine

2. Digital World-Forming
- J. M Salanskis, Computation and Subjectivity
- P. Vauday, Memory Disorders : Memory Forms

3. Prosthetics and Traces
- F.D. Sebbah, Digital Traces : More or Less than Phantoms ?
- O’Gorman, Taking Care of Digital Dementia
- R. Bourassa, The Challenges of Memory : between Hypermnesia and Forgetting
- E. Mechoulan, The Organization of Archives and Metadata in Hypermnesiac Contexts

4. Blank Page and Oblivion
- D. Smith, Clichés and the Blank Page : For a Politics of Creativity, Imagination and Memory
- G. Le Cor, “A divergent elsewhere” : Erasure and Layering in Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer and The Desert by Jen Bervin
- S. Vanderhaeghe, In Praise of Forgetfulness (Notes on Literature in Times of Crisis)

The Grande Collection Arts-H2H is composed of edited books : each volume focuses on a subject that echoes the Labex’s activities. This series aims at promoting our research work on an international scale.

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Labex Arts-H2H

Le Laboratoire d’excellence des arts et médiations humaines est lauréat des Investissements d’avenir depuis 2011. Dans ce cadre, les membres développent des recherches selon trois axes majeurs : situations, technologies, hybridations.

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