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Entering the museum space

Creating specific perception conditions to approach the artwork and inviting the public to do so

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Musée Guimet - Mnaag
6 place d’Iéna
75116 Paris

Metro: Iéna (line 9)

This first interdisciplinary conference of the project "Theater performance at the musem: a new transcultural mediation" combines crossed propedeutics from artists, researchers and intermediaries on the conditions of such an approach. These conditions will then be put to the test in situ with artistic experimentations and performances organized in the great exhibition room of Khmer artworks at the Museum of Asian Arts MNAAG-Guimet.

The audience will be solicited during the round table, performances and debates, inside the museum space transformed into a stage, both ephemeral and cosmogonic.

Registration is mandatory at least 2 weeks before the event and according to availability. Entrance will be upon invitation and you will need your ID.

Registration: katia.legeret@univ-paris8.fr

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