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Fanny Catteau

2017 PhD contract
Doctoral school : Cognition, langage, interaction

Fanny Catteau

Thesis : Translating poetry in sign language : the prosodic print during modality change

Directed by Marion Blondel and Marie-Anne Sallandre

Fanny Catteau holds a professional master’s degree in Sign Language Interpreting from the University Paris 8. Her master’s thesis is about poetic translation of sign language and especially the interpretative strategies which can be set faced with rhythmic variation. Passionate about her job, she is herself translator-interpreter since she graduated and she will put her professional practice of poetic translation at the center of her doctoral research.

Sign language poetry and its translation were hardly studied within international research. Fanny Catteau’s thesis aims to study the prosodic dimension (tone, rhythm) in a context of poetic translation from sign language to vocal French. The objective is to search for and describe a possible connection between prosodic parameters of a visual and gestural language and those of a audio-vocal one, and highlight it into translation strategies..

This prosodic print when going from a modality to another will be studied thanks to an experimental device combining video recording, movement capture (mocap) and sound recording : FSL poems recorded with the mocap will be vocally translated by a group of sign language interpreters, experts in poetic translation. These gestural then vocal productions will be analyzed in order to establish this possible mapping between prosodic parameters of sign language and vocal language.

This research work will allow i) to document existing literary resources in sign language and precisely poetry in FSL and its translations, ii) to specify the prosodic components of a sign language through a throrough articulatory description, iii) then to decompose the steps needed to translate a poem in sign language – including its prosodic dimension – and, iv) to illustrate works on segmentation, on the detection of relevant prosodic indicator and automated processing of sign languages.

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