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Filipe Pais

2014 post-doctoral contract
Doctoral school : Esthétique, sciences et technologies des arts

Project : Behaviors

Filipe Pais holds a PhD in Digital Media, from the UT Austin-Portugal program of the Engineering University of Porto. Artist and researcher, he is interested in the way technologies affect human beings and their behaviors.

Filipe Pais’ post-doctoral project will be associated with the project Behaviors, led by Emanuele Quinz. Filipe will be in charge of concluding the archiving and inventorying work, coordinating experimentations, setting protocols and analyses. He will also contribute to writing two books, as part of the theoretical section of the project.

Thanks to those research and research-creation activities, Filipe Pais will play a key role in the project’s team. His thesis focuses on an approach that combines theoretical tools and analytic protocols from the fields of psychology and


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