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Florian Grandena

Researcher invited in 2014

Professor and researcher in Film Studies

Florian Grandena is a Canadian researcher at the University of Ottawa.

Florian Grandena’s work and project is part of the project "Cinéma/vidéo, art et politique en France depuis 1968". He wrote a thesis on political fiction in contemporary French cinema (presented in 2005 at Nottingham Trent University in Great-Britain), he currently is a specialist of "LGBT" issues in cinema and media.

In 2014, as part of the international chair, Florian Grandena will present :


An advanced seminar on identity and alterity representations in the era of globalization.


A hybrid conference (see Hybrid Conferences program) which will bring a critical and entertaining perspective on some gay and lesbian movies.


A masterclass aiming at supervising and mentoring students who carry out research on activist cinema.


A cinema lesson on Ce vieux rêve qui bouge (Alain Guiraudie).


A masterclass dedicated to Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, etc.

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