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Möbius strip. Perception and unsteadiness in the acoustic space

Project leader:
Marlène Puccini

In collaboration with:
CNRS-LMA, Marseille
Institute of Movement Sciences - Marseille
Companies CSTB, Grenoble. Acoustics and Lighting Department
Vasarely Foundation

The Möbius strip is a surface with only one side, unlike a classic strip which has two sides. Could the sound space, in its current form, be subjected to those properties? And what would be the perceptible result for a listener subjected to this phenomenon?

The project Bande de Möbius plans to outline answers and create a "sound Möbius strip". In other words, a strip of sound that performs a torsion in the acoustic space where it is spatialized. The strip will deploy around a visitor who will be its gravity center and its motor. Its morphogenesis includes a reversal, an unsteadiness inherent to the strip. Only the process matters for this research work. It is this unsteadiness that our work aims to make perceptible.

Experimental workshops will be open to the public, and every step of the research work will be recorded like a diary, in order to create a filmed documentary. This film will also include portrayals of scientists, artists, choregraphers, actors, singers, on the question of new emerging proprioception spaces.

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