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Dance, theatre and performance at the museum

Building interdisciplinary knowledge

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

University Paris 8
2, rue de la Liberté
93526 Saint-Denis

Metro: Saint-Denis Université (line 13)

On March 22d, 2016, a one-day conference was about entering the museum space and creating specific perception conditions to approach the artwork and inviting the public to do so. Performances combined the knowledge of Indian dancers-actors and intercultural echoes that these collections inspired to the public.

Our common thinking will carry on this topic but this time, it will reproduce and comparatively and critically analyze several experimental forms led in a museum: when plastic artworks become inseparable from other lively artistic practices, sometimes related to rituals.

What are the most relevant introduction and methodology to create this new relation to the artwork? In what way are museums interested in sharing such savoir-faire and expertise? What are the effects of these hybrid stages on performers?

This selection are thus interested in new mediations created by actors-performers between artworks related both to a material – belonging to a geographically removed museum collection –or immaterial heritage, as it is passed on through language and gesture.

This second conference of the project will be interested in introducing an interdisciplinary and critical look on new knoledge produced by these transcultural research-creations in theatre studies, history of art, linguistics and especially sign language linguistics, anthropology, aesthetics, museology and cultural mediation.

Free admission subjected to availability.
Photo credit: Florence Lespingal

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