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History of exhibitions in the 20th century

Project leaders:
Bernadette Dufrêne
Jérôme Glicenstein
Didier Schulmann

Exhibitions, Archives, Contemporary art, Modern art, Semantic web

In collaboration with:
Royal College of Art de Londres
University of Bern

Following our works on the specifics of exhibitions in the 20th century and with the prospect of introducing a critical history, the project "History of exhibitions in the 20th century" aims to unite ongoing research, particularly the Centre Pompidou’s research on its own exhibitions. The project will indeed revisit the institution’s history by releasing documentary resources still uncollected, even inaccessible.

This project will also come with new archiving techniques for exhibitions, by creating a protocol for selection and transfer of specific archives. As an outcome, a publication addressed to the scholar community, but also available for amateurs, will present an unprecedented vision of artworks, their criticism and museography.

The Catalogue raisonné des expositions du Centre Pompidou will be published online and will be the strong point of this project, which might change the usual presentation of artistic and cultural institutions online. We also plan to create an online journal dedicated to the issue of exhibition.

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