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Text/ures: books as objects, from print to digital

Project leaders:
Gwen Le Cor
Anne Chassagnol

In collaboration with:
Revue BleuOrange
University Notre-Dame (USA)
University of Georgia (USA)

The War on All Fronts, Brian Dettmer, 2010, Hardcover Book, Acrylic Varnish, 7.75 x 8 x 6"
Image courtesy of the Artist and Saltworks Gallery

"Text/ures: Books as Objects, from Print to Digital" is a transdisciplinary and international project that explores hybrid objects such as pop-up books, artists books, sculpture-books or animated books and new digital books. E-books and applications, because they belong both to the literary field and graphic culture, actually avoid preexisting categories.

The idea is to work in the heart of the matter to explore textual architectures as well haptic and even kinetic developments. Books-objects will be considered in their historical dimension, recounting existing connections between mechanical books and digital books, but also analyzed from the angle of materiality. Indeed, we will try to understand how these objects, digital or not, stretch the limits of paper, work on new surfaces to create playful, esthetic, innovative and tactile apparatuses.

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