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Automatic Generation of Proverbs and Interactive Analyses of Interpretations

Available online in June 2014 at the address http://gapai.univ-paris8.fr

Paragraphe - EA 349 (Paris 8)

The interdisciplinary team of the project « Gapaii » modeled a set of rules for the production of proverbs, which enables automatic generation based on a 400-proverbs corpus in French and Arabic. This typology of symbolical proverbs structures is independent of any language’s particularities as it is based on the logics of proverbs.

This application was created to allow collecting, entering and generating proverbs in the different languages available. For the moment, this interactive application, able to collect information as well as generate proverbs, can be accessed via gapai.univ-paris8.fr/jdc/public/gapaii. A final version will be released in June 2014.

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