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Project leader: Hakim Hachour

In collaboration with:
University of Ottawa
CERCO Group, Benin

The proverb, just like the adage, saying or maxim, is a "short and illustrated sentence of common use, expressing a truth from experience or wisdom advice, to which the speaker refers" (TLFi). If quotations can become proverbs, the use of quotations must be distinguished, as they are not based on a reference practice but on the intention of conveying a true statement.

From the empirical observation that the use of proverbs enables to convey relevant elements of knowledge in a given social situation, and that contextual interpretation enables to produce heterogeneous action patterns according to the actors and situations, we consider appropriate to study the creation of proverbs and their interpretations.

From the analysis of a multilingual corpus [French, English and Fon (African dialect)] of proverbs, we want to develop a generator of texts which can create identifiable proverbs that can be appropriated by communities of social media users. Gathering interpretations, comments and conceptual relations produced by net surfers will recursively improve the text generator but also increment properties in an artificial user profile.

The analysis of interpretative processes and critical reception of these atomic literary works (generated proverbs), their use and interactions between users communities which reacted will question the construction of knowledge. The aim is to propose explanatory models of cognitive abstraction phenomena, in their relation to symbolic and linguistic structures, and highlight logical, narrative and esthetic structures specific to proverbs.

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