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Grégory Chatonsky

Artist invited in 2015

Artist and professor

Grégory Chatonsky was born in 1971 in Paris. During his philosophy studies at Paris I University, and his digital art studies at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts of Paris, he creates Incident.net in 1994, one of he first net-art platforms. During those first years, he develops variable fictions intertwining affects and technologies by diverting the network’s flux.

Internet rapidly became the main medium for his activity, as a diffusion medium and a source of inspiration that he transposes to other mediums, digital or analog. He worked with designers such as Ruedi Baur, he conceived the Centre Pompidou website, the MAC/VAL website and those of other cultural structures. He also taught at the CESI, Paris IV, Fresnoy Studio national des arts contemporains and at the UQÀM. 

For several years, Grégory Chatonsky has been exploring physical, corporeal or technological flux, by looking for an indistinguishable zone between human beings and technologies. Several books and personal exhibitions were dedicated to his work in Paris, Brussels, Montreal and Taipei. Based in Montreal, he is represented by XPO gallery (Paris).

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