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Kitsou Dubois



When art and dance face the thought patterns of scientific and technical research in the spatial world, a series of questions about the new relations between reality and virtuality emerges. In the light of these relations, Kitsou Dubois took another look at the fundamental gestures of the danced move, from a non-gravity experience. She was inspired by scientific research related to weightlessness by choosing strong themes (for example verticality, fall, movement’s flow... things that we control on earth but which become very abstract in microgravity) and relying on keywords specific to science and sources of inspiration for the movement.

After a stay at the NASA thanks to the Villa Medicis Hors les murs grant in 1990, she took part in scientific experiments at the laboratory of Sensory Neurophysiology CNRS (directed by Alain Berthoz) in Paris, with her dancers subjects. She holds a PhD and wrote in "Art Aesthetics, Sciences and Technology" about "the Application of dance technique to weightless flying, a weightless dancer" at the University Paris 8. These experiments enabled her to acquire a legitimacy in the scientific field and to find a freedom of tone and creation between scientific and artistic preoccupations.

She is inspired by a scientific methodology, to distance herself from it where the artistic subject emerges. Her creation process begins in the experiment, by immersing artists in environments of loss of bearings. She provokes deconstruction, even un-incarnation by depriving the artists from their usual bearings, in order to rebuild, in a singular way, from a subject embodied by a common experiment.

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