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L’altérité en spectacle 1789-1918

Edited by Nathalie Coutelet and Isabelle Moindrot

Presses universitaires de Rennes
Collection Le Spectaculaire

ISBN 978-2-7535-3701-9

368 pages


At a crossroads between reality and imagination, the Other represents one of the most attractive creatures for performing arts. Whether it comes from foreign lands, from fringes, from dark areas of the imagination or from intimacy, it structures the society’s founding myths and goes through their social representation systems.

From the French Revolution to World War I, new ways of constructing otherness appear, and they isolate, condemn, celebrate and deny otherness at the same time. Here is the Other performed — in fairs, circuses, vaudeville, drama, ballet, opera, International Expositions, cabaret, cinema. But who is it ? Who is watching it ? To which self-projections the spectator is invited and through which illusion games ?

This book questions the Savage and its avatars, the Stranger, the Other that looks like us a little, almost, completely ; and studies these figures of otherness, of which many are still operating nowadays.


The book will be launched at the Palais de la Porte Dorée, on June 9th, 2015 from 2 until 5

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