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The idea of a "sensitive" space in musical theatre: towards the present time


April 7-8, 2016

University Paris 8
Amphi X
2, rue de la Liberté
93526 Saint-Denis

Metro: Saint-Denis Université (line 13)

This symposium is the fourth and last part of a project which aims at studying musical theater production of the 20th and 21th century, through the idea of a "sensitive" space. Indeed during the 19th century opera composers realized that theatre can be considered as a space for expression that can be part of musical writing in order to convey meaning.

In the 20th century, this idea developed thanks to mingling experiences of theatre avant-garde and helping transforming the vision of the musical theater’s stage itself (which became multimedia in the meantime). The idea of a "sensitive" space thus opened an original prospect to study the processes foretelling the musical theater forms of today.

Free admission subjected to availability.

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