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"L’objet livre, du papier au numérique"


21 November 2014

Rotunda of the EnsAD

The exhibition « L’objet livre, du papier au numérique » took place on November 21st at the EnsAD, as part of the symposium "Tex/ures".


Photo credits : Christian Mamoun Sarges and Hubert de Lartigue

This exhibition gathered reference works but also the results of a workshop led by Lucile Haute, Alexandra Saemmer, Emeline Brulé and Tomek Jarolim with EnsAD students in July 2014 (Alice Zavaro - EnsAD print ; Jean-François Boulan - EnsAD DGMM ; Christian Mamoun Sarges - EnsAD photo video ; Rahaf Demashki - EnsadLab/DIVES). How and when does a container dedicated to one or several digital supports is considered a book ? Esthetic issues related to what appears on screens were thoroughly approached.

The book-object facing the digital raises issues peculiar to the two media. Artists who tackle those questions through their work fall within a field of tensions between printed book, esthetic book-object and digital book. We will distinguish digital books and homothetic books in pdf or ePub formats which only imitates a printed book. It is not a website in the classic sense either : a medium with open-ended contents which form is not easily delimited by the reader. What is considered as features of a book in a digital work, are its autonomous, delimited though dynamic and sometimes non-linear form. Its essence is not necessarily literary or textual. The possible paradox of the digital "book" can be solved by a complete balance between the medium’s features and contents especially thought for this medium.

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