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La chair et l’idée

Sony Labou Tansi en scène(s)

Edited by Nicolas Martin-Granel and Julie Peghini

Les Solitaires Intempestifs

ISBN 978-2-84681-443-0

368 pages

15 €

"To me, the Sacred is what gathers the breathing of the flesh to the breathing of the idea, thus enabling a radiant cohabitation between the poetics of the muscle and the poetics of the idea. That is to say, magic".

This book attempts to tell the singular story of Sony Labou Tansi’s life as a writer, playwright, director, company’s leader and theater thinker, marked by the confrontation of ideas and flesh between Africa, particularly Congo, and the Occident, particularly France.

It gathers two unpublished texts written by Sony Labou Tansi (La Troisième France and La Gueule de rechange), letters and writings taken from meetings organized between September and November 2013 at the CNSAD, as well as works of several writers about Sony Labou Tansi.



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