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Questioning art criticism

Project leader:
Claire Fagnart

The project "Questioning criticism" follows the program of the same name initiated in 2012, through a closed seminar, one-day conferences and a symposium which proceedings will be published. We will focus on art criticism in contemporary art and we will question the suppositions according to which critical thought is constructed. What makes art criticism possible nowadays and what makes traditional criticism valid, are essential issues in contemporary art criticism.

We will focus on expanding the subject to new categories (comprehension, activation, promoting artworks, from a criticism of artworks to a criticism of exhibitions, relation criticism/institutions, etc.) After a first stage (2012) dedicated to defining criticism and starting a typology of its practices, the 2013-2014 program aims to summarize all French and international research on the subject, through a symposium taking place in 2013 and published in 2014.

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