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La direction d’acteurs peut-elle s’apprendre ?

Edited by Jean-François Dusigne

Les Solitaires Intempestifs

ISBN 978-2-84681-451-5

448 pages

19 €

What can be passed on from experience ? Is there something in the relation between a director and actors that can be taught or learned ?

Aren’t the words simplistic ? Always to be redefined ? The eye contacts, the confrontaton of skills, aim at understanding these transmission and exchange actions through not only speech but also intonation, silence, behaviors, gestures.

Following the experimentation sessions led at the CNSAD and at ARTA between 2011 and 2015, following national and international conferences organized as part of the Labex projet, this book invites you to broaden the circle of artistic education thinking : is it relevant to create specific directing trainings ?



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Le Laboratoire d’excellence des arts et médiations humaines est lauréat des Investissements d’avenir depuis 2011. Dans ce cadre, les membres développent des recherches selon trois axes majeurs : situations, technologies, hybridations.

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