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War in performance

Project leader:
Martin Mégevand

In collaboration with:
University of Westminster

On the occasion World War I’s centenary, we will gather English and French researchers around the subject of artistic practices related to the experience of historical violences. The project will study artistic performances of the period 1916-1930 in their relation to World War I, an approach quite new in the field of social sciences.

Following the celebrations commemorating World War I’s centenary, this project will organize two international symposiums which will take place in Paris (2014) and London (2016). An approach of the relations between artistic creation and historical violences that is different from all the works on testimony and representation : a focus on the approach of performance, an object very well explored as part of Performance Studies in the United-States and in Britain and which is progressing in France since the 2000s.

For our first symposium entitled "War in Performance in Literary Creation", researchers from various fields amongst literature and humanities will be gathered and will propose to think about modalities of updating a war experience through art or literature. Practitioners or performance and art therapy will also be invited to participate.

The second symposium entitled "The Great War in Performance (1916-1930)" will take place in autumn 2016, one hundred years after French and English civil societies became aware of how singular were the Great War and its massacres. The interventions will be focused on artistic performances directly related to World War I.

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