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Magic: practices and discourses

À la croisée des regards.

Tuesday, April 14th

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It should be noted that the idea of "magic" is nowadays closely linked to technical objects with a daily use, on the side of advertisement discourses as well as users’ comments. We can remark a "magical" shopping during Christmas time, a will to "enchant" the consumer, to sell him the latest "marvels" of the industry, etc. If this term is part of our common language, we need to understand its polysemy in order to connect it to a variety of approaches, discourses and practices which were built around magic or which tried to define its forms.

The first workshop of the project "Misleading Arts. Machines, Magic, Media" aims at exploring the structuring basis of discourses on magic: its effects, its thinking and its manifestations. This workshop wants to connect these basis with the development of technologies for performing arts. We will attempt to give answers, if not leads, to create a space for reflection and common dialogue

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